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    This customer base requires that we precisely follow production specification guidelines and codes for each industry, and we currently satisfy code requirements for ASME Sec VIII Div I, API 12P, API 12D, API-12F and UL -142, to ensure that each tank delivered conforms exactly to client specifications. More specific details on our code requirements are listed on our Quality Assurance Page.


    PermianLide's in-house design department is equipped with the latest drafting and stress-calculation tools and software to enable us to design and fabricate our products to the strictest possible standards and client specifications.


    With a manufacturing and shipping footprint reaching across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, PermianLide is positioned to meet demanding production schedules with expedited delivery in an economical manner. Our long list of repeat clients attests to the fact that experienced PermianLide craftsmen have earned the company a reputation for outstanding quality.


    From the first step in product design engineering, through our fabrication and coating process, your target date and complete satisfaction become our top priority. PermianLide utilizes reputable, safe, and insured third-party carriers in a commitment to best serve your individual needs at a competitive price. We deliver throughout the region and country, and continuously monitor the shipping process until delivery has been completed to your designated site.



This specification covers material, design, fabrication, and testing requirements for Field welded vertical, cylindrical, aboveground, closed top, welded steel storage tanks with internal pressures approximately atmospheric at various sizes and capacities ranging from 500 to 1000 barrels. Tanks covered by this specification have been designed using established engineering calculations to determine minimum metal thickness and bolting specifications for each size tank filled with water.

The API 12D specification is designed to provide the oil production industry with tanks of adequate safety and reasonable economy for use in the storage of crude petroleum and other liquids commonly handled and stored by the production segment of the industry. This specification is for the convenience of purchasers and manufacturers in ordering and fabricating tanks. This specification permits inspectors representing the purchaser access at all times during the fabrication of the product. The specification stipulates that the manufacturer affords the inspector, without charge, access to all facilities to ensure that the material is being manufactured in accordance with this specification.


In the correct application, the horizontal treater has several advantages over the vertical. Increased liquid capacity for a given size vessel is possible for the following reasons: the BTU/Hr rating is higher because a longer firetube can be used. Settling time is enhanced because of the larger surface area of the oil/water interface, and the shorter distance that small suspended particles of water must travel to fall from the oil phase to the water phase.


At PermianLide, we offer quality workmanship and the ability to custom engineer and design tanks according to each customer's needs. A gauge table is also included to obtain tank capacity.


PermianLide is a leading manufacturer of API oil storage tanks. Strict quality control assures that each tank is manufactured with A-36 (commercial quality) 3/16 and 1/4 inch steel. Tanks are interior and exterior welded to API specifications and pressure tested.


Features include: large diameter gas separation section for increased removal of entrained liquids, mist eliminator to assure dry outlet gas, full diameter free-water knockout section for removal of free-water with a minimum of heating, and to assure clean discharged water and more.


A, B & C Models. The Free Water Knockout is designed to economically separate a portion of the water in a wellstream from the oil. The vessel provides a low velocity flow with a large oil/water interface area which allows the maximum amount of free water to settle out.


PermianLide began manufacturing fiberglass tanks in 1985 primarily for the petrochemical industry. Since that time, we have diversified our product line and have become established as a major manufacturer of fiberglass products in the Southwest. We maintain a large inventory of standard products to ensure quick delivery, often within a matter of days.


The gunbarrel is an economical and low maintenance method to treat oil when properly applied. Production enters the inlet flume section at the top of the tank. Solution gas is vented from the top of the flume or equalized to storage.The gunbarrel is applicable only where chemical and retention time alone will treat the oil.


The Indirect Heater is a safe and efficient method for heating a well stream to prevent freezing or for treating purposes. A firebox is used to heat a liquid transfer media such as water. The hot water then transmits heat to a pipe coil with the well stream going through the coil. Thus the well stream going through high pressure pipe is heated by non-flammable hot water at atmospheric pressure.


Two phase separators are utilized to separate the gas from the liquid in a well stream. This allows liquid free gas to be diverted to gas sales and/or to be utilized as fuel. Relatively gas free oil is then dumped to storage or to a treating system for removal of water.


PermianLide walkways and stairways are available as complete units for specific applications or as individual parts. They are constructed of pre-cut, pre-punched, all steel material. Walkways and stairways can be erected, taken down and re-erected for other applications.